Brownfield Developments

Benefits of Brownfield Developments in Industrial Real Estate

As the demand for industrial space increases, real estate developers are exploring all options for new construction, including both greenfield and brownfield sites. While greenfield sites may offer more flexibility, brownfield sites can offer economical and unique advantages for industrial real estate development.

What Are Brownfield Sites?

Brownfield developments refer to the repurposing of previously developed land, often contaminated or underutilized, for new construction.

Here are some of the benefits of brownfield developments in industrial real estate:


Brownfield sites are often located in urban or suburban areas that are already developed, making them convenient for businesses that need to be close to transportation hubs, major highways, and population centers. These factors are especially important for industrial tenants who need easy access to distribution channels and a large workforce.


Brownfield sites are often less expensive than greenfield sites, as they require less infrastructure development, and utilities, roads, and other essential services are already in place. Additionally, local governments often offer tax incentives and other financial benefits to companies that redevelop brownfield sites.


By redeveloping brownfield sites, developers are reducing the need for new construction on undeveloped land, which helps to preserve natural resources and habitats. Brownfield sites also often require remediation, which can lead to the restoration of the site’s environmental health.

Community Revitalization

Brownfield redevelopment can help to revitalize communities by bringing jobs, tax revenue, and economic growth to areas that may have been underutilized or neglected in the past. This can also help to improve the quality of life for residents by improving property values.

Regulatory Compliance

Brownfield redevelopment is subject to stringent regulatory oversight, which can help to ensure that environmental and safety standards are met during construction and operation. This can help to mitigate potential risks and liabilities associated with industrial real estate development.

Experience Matters – You Can Count on Adams Industrial Properties

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